How to remove gel nails

Firstly – look after your nails!  Wear gloves when cleaning/gardening and using harsh chemicals, and wash your hands after applying suncream as this may fade your Gelish polish. Avoid sunbeds for the first 24hrs.

Removal of Gelish
NEVER PICK OFF GELISH – this will damage your nails!
Removal is free if you are having more Gelish applied.  Otherwise, I charge just £5 for removal.

If you wish to remove Gelish at home please be careful and allow plenty of time – please follow these instructions.

Step by step-what you need…
Make sure you have acetone remover (normal polish remover will not work properly)
Cotton wool pads
Kitchen foil cut into big enough squares to cover nail
Orange wood stick or cuticle pusher
Cuticle oil
Nail file

1) Using your nail file, file the top coat of gelish off to break the seal.
2) Soak a couple of cotton pads in acetone and cut them into quarters.
3) Place a piece of cotton pad on top of your nail and wrap a piece of kitchen foil over it.  Continue this for both hands.  You will need to leave this on for at least 20-30mins.
4) Check one to make sure the polish has lifted.  If it looks like its coming off then start using the orange wood stick or cuticle pusher to scrape/remove gently. Make sure you scrape down the nail from the cuticle to the free edge nail.removing all product carefully.
5) Buff your nails to smooth the nail plate and use cuticle oil to help keep them strong.